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Caption Contest


What do you think this kid is thinking? Comment your funniest, most random captions at the bottom of this page! Three entries per person, from which you get to choose. If you don’t like one of your entries,  you can put a different one that will replace the one you don’t want. Here is an example of a comment…



  • Your words on this picture and put into the next post with your name and a link to your site.
  • Your name and a link to your blog/website on this page forever.

Note: There’s a new caption contest after 30 comments!

Click here to comment if you’re lazy and don’t like scrolling down!

Past winners: (Click to enlarge)






Great Akoo

















wtf_pictures-macho-macho-treecar.jpg picture by Sssaam1























Minty Hippo











Michaela Nguyen





Minty Hippo








Kid Robot





captioncontest-melges24worlds-1.jpg image by Sssaam1








No Responses Yet

  1. 3 entries per person! No copying!

    The Panic Button

  2. woot woot first one..
    1. Shut up Billy, you don’t look like Iron Man.
    2. Does this Hulk Mask make my head look big?
    3. I hope Billy gets over his superhero phase quick!

  3. 1. hulk like family photos
    2. hulk smash camera if you dont stop pointing it at him
    3. hulk think lifeguard a better part time job

  4. 1. Yes, I’m the Hulk, yes I like Thomas the Train, and yes my bro is Iron Man and he’s a lifeguard. Got a prob with that?
    2. These gloves are heavy!
    3. This saved my life while I was on vaction.

    I hope mine don’t suck that bad!

  5. 1. Ok you were right, we shouldn’t have gotten these surgeries.
    2. Thank goodness no one can see my face anymore.
    3. This is the LAST time I buy a product from Billy Mays!

  6. 1. Yes, I’m a natural green.
    2. Mommy, is it clobbering time?
    3. So…. uh…… Awkward!

  7. 1.Hulk was a WAY better movie!
    2.Oh god these are really heavy!
    3.Yes, my head is to green for my age.

  8. 1- na na na na na! I’m taller and cooler!
    2- mom! my hands are itching me.. what should I do?
    3- dude, this isn’t my halloween mask, I was just born this way!

  9. 1. *sigh* Whats our motivation?
    2. My hands hurt, man.
    3. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry…oh wait I am. Nevermind.

  10. 1. what happened???

    2. I dont wanna be a little!!! I wanna be a big boy!!!

    3. This is just sad……..

    hope you like my ideas….. 🙂

  11. 1. Okay. Ready for super hero hokey pokey? You put your right arm in….
    2. Dude, were like the only ones wering fancy dress….
    3. Oh god these fists are heavy….

  12. 1. Hulk not like Thomas the Tank Engine T-shirt.

    2. You try eating with these hands.

    3. My movie so beat the crap out of your movie.

  13. 1. Hey Panic Button, this is what you get for not making me win the caption contest.

    2. Well, at least I have the power of Thomas.

    3. At least I won the caption contest..

  14. that can’t be a rabbit!
    hey is that cheese? I’m hungry?
    is that a transformer? hey the toy store came alive!

  15. 1. You did NOT just say our outfits were a fashion don’t
    2. Give me the chocolate before I use these fists… if I can lift them
    3. I hate picture day, my hair always gets messed up

  16. 1. You think you have it tough? Your dad isnt green!
    2. You better take that off, or your gonna sink to the bottom of the ocean… HEAD FIRST!
    3. Hey guess what, I match the grass!

  17. i should be hooked up with cinderella
    im so gonna be popular on my first day of school
    i hope sis will let us in her beauty contest

  18. Hey TPB, its me Bluwaddles, I just changed my name again.
    1. does mommy really think we should go trick-or-treating in NOVEMBER?
    2. why does HE get to have Iron Man?

    mine kinda suck, but oh well.

  19. 1: Is that spider man!?

  20. 1. I was hoping the fireman costume was still in stock..

    2. The guy wasn’t kidding when he said these mitts were adult sizes…

  21. 1. Why did whe have your mom pick out our costums again? I mean I wanted to be Scooby-Doo!

    2. Dude, I bet I can pick up chicks better than you can.

  22. 1. i frogot about super hero school pictures and i wore my thomas the train shirt im so im baressed

    2. No fair he got iron man i want to be iron man more than he does

    3. mommy i want iron man you i hate hulk more than my sister

  23. 1. oh yeah, we’re livin the dream!!!
    2. i told you this plan would never work
    3. ok jus do it. punch him in the face and run. he’ll never see it coming.

  24. Hulk mask 10$

    Hulk gloves 8$

    Making little brother run away in fear- priceless

  25. once spiderman, batman, and wolverine get here we can start the party

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