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Sunday Comics!

I remember back when I was about 5 years old, right around the time I learned to read, when I was first introduced to newspaper comics. I was traveling, and on the plane there was nothing to do. My dad was doing a crossword next to me, and I saw a colorful assortment of words and pictures hanging from the paper. I couldn’t read at the time, so I just looked at the pictures. I thought it was magnificent how a punch line could be delivered by means of ironic change and peculiarity. Of course, at the time, I didn’t think so philosophically, but I still enjoyed the colorful strips. It was a single sheet with no more than 20 different frames on it. This was a 4 hour plane ride, so I had nothing better to do than read and reread it, over and over. I began to understand the separate comedic approaches the authors attempted to convey. It was magnificent in so many ways. Perhaps this was my first affair with the alien world of illustrational pun-intended comedy.

F Minus - December 6, 2009

F Minus - December 5, 2009

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F Minus - November 30, 2009

F Minus - March 1, 2009

F Minus - February 28, 2009

F Minus - February 27, 2009

F Minus - February 26, 2009

F Minus - February 23, 2009

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F Minus - February 21, 2009

F Minus - February 20, 2009

Today’s blog of the day is…


Burn After Reading was the dumbest movie I have ever seen! What’s the dumbest movie you’ve ever seen?


No Responses Yet

  1. “Man on the Moon” with Jim Carry.

    Hey I got my fist dear on saturday,Do you hunt?

  2. lol, my sister likes Burn After Reading. idk of any dumb movies. my family watched Paul Blart Mall Cop once, but i stopped watching it because i found it really boring.

  3. Dumb & Dumber, but its not the dumb as you put, it’s just the cluelessness the acters were imitating!

  4. Hey, I think I know stuff about you guys that not the usual visitor here does! Please reply if you wish to see proof that I do no more stuff about you guys than the average TBP viewer does.

  5. So many dumb movies to choose from… one of the tops on my list is Shark Boy and Lava Girl *shudder*

    Best movie of all time is Tin Man. I love my Sci-Fi

  6. i just wanna clear this up right now , that comment about school that i left , that was apsolutly not what i sent , the ppl who work here keep editting what i say.

    • It seems like as soon as you realize that you were wrong about something, you try to make it look like you didnt say it. We’re high above editting your comments to make you look dumb, we know much better than that. If you’re so sure that we editted your comment, can you tell us what was in the “pre-editted” version. I’m so sick and tired of people making crazy false assumptions with no evidence or proof to back it up.

      Yesterday I lost a sock, that means that you took it! You must have, right? I’m too dumb to think of any other excuse but accusation!

      You need to stop making obsolete assumptions with no evidence to stand by, because you’re going to need a smooth aliby in the real world.

    • If we’re editing your comments, we’re doing a pretty darn good job of it. A normal person with normal thoughts can usually spell at a 3rd grade level (the “P” key isn’t even close to the “B” key…). You said exactly what was written in your comment, and you’re just trying to take back what you said, because you realized that it was wrong.

      Your comments are completely made of biased opinions, spelling errors, and multiple lies. No one believes you. You’re just in a hole right now. And when your stuck in a hole, stop digging. You can get out 2 ways, either fix your wrongs by admitting you were, and start the climb out, or you can keep on digging, building up lie after lie, hoping you can dig through it and come out on the other side, make us finally believe you. But that’s not going to happen. Just drop your shovel, stop digging, and start the climb out.

  7. I dont know…

  8. any movie with will ferrell in it!

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