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It's Snowing!

In school today we had an ice cream party. We heard people in the hallway yelling, “It’s snowing!” We all ran to the doors to see the white flakes of winter falling from the sky. Something about the first snowfall is so majestic. It’s truly amazing.

With the first snowfall comes the winter holiday theme. I hope you guys like it!


Cute turtle om nom nom Demotivational Poster

Respect - Representing The Neighborhood Koopa Troopa Super Mario Bowser Demotivational Poster

Waffles - Pancakes With Syrup Traps Demotivational Poster

Red Rover - Not As Fun When You Grow Up Demotivational Poster

Motorcycles - You're Doing It Wrong Demotivational Poster

To Be The Fourth - Yeah, It Sucks. Demotivational Poster

Photogenic - Sometimes You Just Need to Accept The Fact That The Camera Hates You. Demotivational Poster

Today’s blog of the day is…


What’s your favorite song?


No Responses Yet

  1. ur skool must suck its a public school that teaches evolution and homos. the passing grades are low so i know ur all straight A+ students

    • Apparently our school is better than yours enough to learn to teach us how to spell kindergarten level words. Last I checked, “ur” and “skool” aren’t words. If you’re going to rant at us, at least do it right before you come back.

    • I don’t remember telling you what our school teaches, so that must be an implication with no facts to back it up. An implication with no facts to back it up? Must be a lame comeback.

      Your statements have no reason, and your grammar shows no signs of expansion beyond chat ‘spek’. I encourage you to stop commenting your silly comments. But, then again, I do enjoy ranting.

    • Dont argue with jesus! lol

    • Again, Vamwolve, STAY OFF THIS BLOG*

      *This is a reply to the reply I sent to you guys about Vamwolve, what a loser

    • apparently you’re too caught up in religion to see the truth. sad.

  2. Easy. Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ by the Scissor Sisters

    It’s snowing right now :O

  3. Straight A’s eh???? no comment

  4. around the world/better faster stronger by daft punk

  5. im not sure what is my fave song i have a ton of faves. oh and i was going to go to a random post and then i noticed your site was snowing! cool! πŸ˜€ oh and i love the new winter holiday theme. tonight i had a concert, i play the flute, andit was tiring! im in chorus too and im really tired right now my fingers are actually a little sore form pressing so many buttons, i think i will stop.

  6. YOUR LUCKY! I dont get snow. These pics r funny.

  7. i get snow but it just isnt coming!!!
    where do u guys live???
    like what state??? or is that asking too much info?

  8. I love snow. The last time we had snow over here was in February. I don’t think we’ve ever had snow on Christmas before.

    And I’ve got so many favourite songs that I can’t pick just one! xD

  9. I was your 592,000th visitor!

  10. It snowed here too, but then melted πŸ™‚


  11. Whoops i did not mean to leave that comment 😳

    Ok so today I was getting ice cream at school (we always get ice cream on fri.) with my friends Joanne.Logan,Emily,Enrique,Ja’shon,Brianna,Chloe,Chanler,Morgan,Jerrion,Brianna and Kylie. so our teacher Ms. McClure said Afer You Get Your Ice Cream and HURRY to recces! so we were out at recces with our ice cream and our teacher nor our class was out there! so a group stayed at the top of the stairs while Morgan yelled LET’S DO WHAT WE FEEL LIKE! YAH! we all screamed as we went down the stairs to the field when ten we went back up b/c we did not want to get in trouble so then i realized i forgot my ice vream bag down the steps on the table so i ran down there and joanne went down there too for some reason she asked some teachers what to do and thay were not much help so we went back up and a group went in but we did not then we saw mrs. Rajek the PE teacher so we were going to ask her but brianna said oh no se is on the phone! but then we heard her say bye so we turned ariund to see that she was gone! so then we saw one of our subs that we knew so she said go to our room! so we dod not know what to do so we ent inside and sat on the indoor steps till we went up then we saw the group that had went up and the rest of the class! so i just wanted to tell you that.

  12. omg that pic of the woman looks like my old teacher! Ha!

  13. ew snow lol. down here you never really get it so its sort of like a forbidden word… but oddly enough we are supposedly getting sme tonight… gross… im just a rainy kind ofgal πŸ˜€ and i like waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to many songs but i like The Cab, A rocket to the moon, fall out boy, the beatles, lol that sort of thing… i guess. well actually i like really anything but opera πŸ˜€

  14. ahhh this is randomdudettez gah why does my sister always log me out?!

  15. you have an ice cream party in school?? LUCKYYY! my middle school is so boring -_-

    omg the comment box is awesome with the whole panic button moving around πŸ˜€

    i think im gonna keep typing just to watch the pretty panic button movie around the comment box….

    funn xD

    ok imma comment something constructive now…

    it seems to be snowing everywhere in the USA except here -_-
    it was like 65-70F outside here yesterday….and 60F out today

    but its supposed to rain/snow here tomorrow so ya

    but i dont get snow days often because my school is stupid -_-

    we got one snow day last yr & thats because it was snowing a lot & was like 5inches high….

    & that was one of the very few snow days my school district has ever had (it’s had about 2-3snow days in total & thats in the past like…40 [around] years =/ )

    ok this comment is getting looooooong so im gonna stop now ;D

    • We have snow days about 5 days a year. Maybe more I’m not sure. But we’re in Iowa so…And we would be in school with 5 in. If it’s just snow. We get a lot of delays because of snow but ice and really really cold temps like -20 wind chill is what normally gets us out. Or tons of snow.

  16. uhh i think one of my comments went into spam….maybe because it was too long? i dont know πŸ˜›

  17. Once we had 3 feet of snow and we didn’t get a snow day. My sister and I were late for school because the snow plow didn’t come so Daddy had to lug out his snow blower and make a path for the car to back out and get the the driveway. the roads were all icy too. We only get snow days if it’s like -1000 degrees

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